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Tokyo DB ShowTech Conference slides and scripts

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Hey, as I told, following is the link to download the slides and scripts from my sessions…

Some printscreen from slides:

DBA CheckList


SQL Server execution plans – hidden and tricky optimizations


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SQL SERVER – Basic Statistics Maintenance – Notes from the Field #083

Rodrigo Duda:

Estatísticas de banco de dados, vale a pena cuidar :)

Publicado originalmente em Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave:

[Note from Pinal]: This is a 83rd episode of Notes from the Field series. Maintenance of the database is very critical activity and I have always seen DBA taking it very seriously. There is a only one problem – there is no single solution or guidance for how to maintain the database. Everybody has their own opinion and way to do different tasks. Statistics is one of the most important aspect of the database. The performance of entire application can depend on statistics, as it can help SQL Engine with intelligence to execute optimal plan.

In this episode of the Notes from the Field series database expert Stuart Ainsworth explains about basic statistics maintenance.

Statistic maintenance is an important (but often overlooked) aspect of performance tuning for SQL Server.  The query optimizer relies on distribution statistics to determine how the query will be executed, with a particular emphasis on SEEKS vs…

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social listening insights on Adobe Systems, @Adobe, $ADBE using #realtime

Rodrigo Duda:

Mais sobre Sql 2016!
obs.: opção de criar mais de um tempDB ja na instalação.

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Bruce Schneier’s Must-Read Book on Security and Privacy

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Data and Goliath_978-0-393-24481-6“The surveillance society snuck up on us,” says Bruce Schneier in Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Capture Your Data and Control Your World. It’s a thought-provoking, absorbing, and comprehensive guide to our new big data world. Most important, it’s a call for a serious discussion and urgent action to stop the harms caused by the mass collection and mining of data by governments and corporations. To paraphrase Schneier’s position on anonymity—we either need to develop more robust techniques for preserving our freedom, or give up on the idea entirely.

An expert on computer security, Schneier has written over a dozen books in the last 20 years on the subject, some highly technical, but this one is a call to action addressed to a mainstream audience. The impetus for writing such a book, it seems, were the 2013 revelations of the NSA mass surveillance. Schneier worked with The…

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